1 Rep Max work with Squats

1 Rep Max work with Deadlifts

4 Plate Squat work for Reps

Personal Best Reps at 405 Lbs. ... More to come

5 Plate Deadlift work

Squats for Endurance

Endurance is also important; never base goals for functional improvement solely on Max strength

Power Cleans for Explosive Power

Maximize your Athletic ability/performance with this highly explosive movement

Abdominal and Shoulder Muscles for Stability & Coordinaioin

Extreme Upper Body Strength

Power Clean & Press Fun

Shoulder Press Work

Bench Press: Critical Lift for Chest & Tricep Development

Robo Pullups

Plyo Pullups

More Squats More Endurance

No Belt, No Wraps, No Problem

Deadlifts for Reps

Bench Press Fun

Shoulder Press for Reps

Core Work for Strength

Core Work for Endurance