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ABOUT Oshode Health & Fitness...

Oshode Health & Fitness is a personal training and group fitness business that provides three primary services: One on one personal training, small group training and lastly, nutrition counseling and intervention. Oshode Health and Fitness' ideals derive from viewing health and fitness as interrelated but non-synonomous equals. Symbolized by the Holy Trinity, Oshode Health and Fitness places the importance on the Mind, the Body and the Spirit of every client. A holistic approach to improving one’s well-being is what Oshode Health and Fitness is all about.

Oshode Health and Fitness was founded to address the need for real and long-term transformative healthcare intervention that not only focuses on losing weight and improving aesthetics, but also on decreasing healthcare expenditure by decreasing healthcare facility utilization and improving the health outcomes through unique interventions.


Oshode Health and Fitness was created by Gabriel Oshode, a Bronx, New York Native who has spent the better part of his life in the Bronx. Gabriel Oshode has a background in both Healthcare Administration as well as Health & Fitness. 

A Taste of the OH&F Effect

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Services Offered at OH&F

Small Group Training
(2-4 ppl)

1 on 1 Personal Training

Virtual Training

Meal Prep
(Bulk Ordering/Catering)

Nutrition Counseling

Oshode Health & Fitness

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