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Gabriel Oshode

Oshode Health and Fitness was created by Gabriel Oshode, currently residing in Nassau County, Long Island but a Bronx, New York Native who has spent a large majority of his life living in the Bronx. Gabriel Oshode has a background in both Healthcare Administration as well as Health & Fitness. He is a Bachelors (BS) and Masters (MHA) Graduate from The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) and is a National Council on Strength and Fitness Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach (NSCF-CSC), Sports Nutritionist (NCSF-SNS) and Certified Personal Trainer (NCSF-CPT)

Gabriel's background allows him to recognize the major gap between the health & fitness industry and the healthcare industry and this gap is causing exhaustive and wasted spending with minimal long-term benefits (if any). More money continues to be spent on healthcare and on fitness while the community gets sicker and unhealthier; placing heavy stress on the economy. Bridging the gap between the 2 industries, Gabriel's vision will not only help drive down costs associated with healthcare spending but also increase & improve the health of the customers that utilizes the services rendered, further driving the economy towards more advantageous spending and reallocation of limited resources.

Gabriel founded 'Oshode Health and Fitness' in order to address the need for real and long-term transformative healthcare intervention that not only focuses on losing weight and improving aesthetics, but also on decreasing healthcare expenditure by decreasing healthcare facility utilization and improving the health outcomes through unique interventions.



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